Miami Recap; What a week!!

“You never know your limits unless you push yourself to them”

What a week!

We don’t know where to start! So much happend the last 2 weeks. Let’s start where we ended the last blog, the new boat!

In third position during the World Cup!
In third position during the World Cup!

Rafiki is the name of our new battle ship! After a lot of names passing through our heads this one popped out and fitted best with the situation. Rafiki is the wise monkey from the Lion King, he always gave the best advice to Simba to run the kingdom, with his famous quote; “Yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see It, you can either run from it our learn from it”. Rafiki also means “friend” in Swahili, and it is our new best buddy now! 🙂

2015-01-21 20.36.23
After some intense days of boatwork to get Rafiki on the water, with a big big hand from our super coach Frankie, it was time to get Rafiki some champagne! 😉 But who do we ask?? Well, that was not a hard question for us, they were standing right next to us in the boatpark! The two World Champions of 2013 and 2014, Miss Molly Meech (NZL) and Miss Kahena Kunze (BRA). Luckely they said yes and christened our new boat, so guess who’s gonna be the World Champion in 2015 😉

Boat Christening in action!!
Boat Christening in action!!

Then the week started where we had one of the big red crosses in our agenda’s.  Miami OCR started with a bang! We woke up and it was grey and rainy, it felt like home! The race comittee sent us on the water and the wind kicked in! 25 knots and some nasty waves (because we were sailing in the shallow water) made it quite tricky! We did a sail up- and down wind before the start and managed to keep everything in one piece. We made it to the start line and we sailed the race with one line in our heads, “don’t leave the ship!” And we did! Only 8 boats finished, which made the first day a keeper!

It was a week with all kinds of winds and that maked the regatta quite allround. We survided well but also still made some stupid mistakes! With a 9th place overall we where quite happy but we know we can do better than that! For our trials we are doing well but it isn’t over yet. Palma we will be there again and we will be on top of our game so we can finish it in style! 🙂

Happy with our new best friend!
Happy with our new best friend!

Our whole circus is packed in the container again and off to Europe! I think we never packed a container that quickly, it took us 35 min and the rib and FX were in and tied down! Thanks Magic Max for the extra help that early in the morning, it was a good teamwork! 

Now we have some days at home to have a short break to catch up with friends and family before we leave for Palma. Time to build up our camp there and get back in the boat!

Container packed in 35 min!
Container packed in 35 min!

We want to thank two persons who helped us big time in Miami, Bill and Jo Mauk! They let us stay in their beautiful house and made us feel at home! They are the best and we wish Bill all the luck in his Lightning to qualify for the Panama Games!

A little sail with one of our best supporters Bill Mauk after the Medal Race!:-)
A little sail with one of our best supporters Bill Mauk after the Medal Race!:-)
Also we want to thank all the people that supported us during the week! We feel very blessed that so many people cheer for us and wish us all the best! After all the setbacks we had, that is a really good feeling! Thank you for that! 🙂



One thought on “Miami Recap; What a week!!

  1. Be creative, Make Your own wind and never never never give …till you are finished: we all will make up the Bill at Rio2016……then just then is is is worth every second…we followx


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